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Puleen Bansal
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Lord Shiva

Guru Teg bhadur Road ,Dehradun,Dehradun

Reg No. : UKREP08190000305 Reg Type : FIRM_COMP_REG

Promoter :

Deshdeepak Constructions Pvt. Ltd

Date of Registration :

Mon Aug 05 12:02:02 IST 2019

Project Address :

Guru Teg bhadur Road ,Dehradun

Total Area of Project Land :

882.57 sq Mt.

Project Type :

Residential/Group Housing

Project Start Date :


Project End Date :


Project Status :

New Project Launch

Total Open Area (Sq ft.) :


Total Coverd Area(Sq ft.) :

1544.0 sq Mt.

Project Address Line 1 :

Guru Teg bhadur Road

District :


Tehsil/Sub District:


No of Garage :


Area of Garage(Sq ft.) :


No of Parking open :


Area of Parking open :


No of Garage Sold Out :


No Of Parking Sold Out :


Project Description

09 Flats / Apartments construction with all facilities and amenities.

Promoter Details

Type of Promoter Name E-mail Mobile Number
Company Deshdeepak Constructions Pvt. Ltd makhansingh.ddcpl@gmail.com 8859101002

Project Chairman Details

Name Mobile E-mail Address
Puleen Bansal 8859101002 info@deshdeepak.in 28-B Anand Chowk, Tilak Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Project Member Details

Member Name Member Type Mobile No Email Address Address Pin Code Photograph
Usha Rani Bansal Board Member 7895518587 info@deshdeepak.in 28-B Anand Chowk,Tilak Road 248001 SNAPES DIRECTORS.pdf

RERA Registration Details with any other State/UTs

Have registration been revoked? Certificate Number Reason for revoked

Development Details

Type of Inventory No of Inventory Carpet Area
(Sq Mtr)
Area of exclusive balcony/verandah
(Sq Mtr )
Area of exclusive open terrace if any
(Sq Mtr)
No Of Inventory Completed No Of Inventory Sold
4bhk 9 1544.0 1544.0

Associated Vendor

Project Agent

Agent Registration No. Agent Name Address

Project Architects

Architect Name Email Address Pin Code Year of Establishment
Girdhari Arora girdhariarora@yahoo.com A-6 janpath shopping complex,Bindal Bridge,Dehradun,Uttarakhand 248001 000

Structural Engineers

Engineer Name Email Address Pin Code Year of Establishment
Ashraf Ali ashraf_ali0619@yahoo.com Aligharh,Aligharh,Aligarh,Uttar Pradesh 200201 0

Project Contrators

Contractors Name Email Address Pin Code Year of Establishment
DeeshDeepak Constructions Pvt. Ltd. info@deeshdeepak.com 28-B Anand chowk, Tilak Road,Dehradun,Uttarakhand 248001 2013

External Development Work

Road System Water Supply Sewage and Drainage System Electricity Supply Transformer And Sub Station Solid Waste Management And Disposal
Self Development     % Completed Self Development     % Completed Self Development      % Completed Self Development      % Completed Self Development      % Completed

Other External Development Work

Work Description Water Supply

CONSTRUCTION UPDATES Updated On march 2017


Promoter Documents

Project Documents

Financial Document


Other Documents